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Reading and extracting textual information from an image
Outside of standard text document formats such as .doc or .txt for example, extracting and reading textual information is difficult, even in some PDF formats. So with an image, it is a real challenge!
However, not all challenges are equally difficult. Reading classic black fonts on a white or plain background (extracting the amount of an invoice for example) is much easier than reading distorted characters on a variable background in an uncontrolled environment (reading meter readings for example). This is where Neovision OCR technology comes into its own.


Lecture gravure laser sur cuir

Reading laser engravings on leather


Traceability is a real industrial issue, becoming more and more important. The Centre Technique du Cuir (CTC) supports French tanneries in their innovation processes. Every day, hundreds of animal skins enter the tanneries and the latter must identify them one by one via unique laser-engraved numbers. Although the characters are often distorted, the OCR technology developed by Neovision makes it possible to read them automatically, quickly and with greater reliability.


Reading circuit breaker references

Schneider Electric

In addition to detecting circuit breakers with its image recognition technology, Neovision uses its OCR technology to refine the identification of a circuit breaker. Once detected, our technology targets a new area of interest: the label. On the label, we find a lot of information, including the one we’re interested in: the part number. The OCR technology comes into play, reads the characters and interprets them to find the right reference. An identification that is as reliable as it is fast.

Reconnaissance disjoncteur
Lecture bouteille et millésime

Reading vintages on wine bottles


For Wine Advisor, Neovision uses its image recognition technology to identify a bottle of wine by its label. However, it is difficult to differentiate between vintages with this technology because the labels are so similar. If the year changes on a bottle label, so does the quality of the wine. This is why Neovision used its OCR technology. Once the bottle is recognized, the OCR technology reads the vintage to ensure optimal identification and better information for users.


Meter reading by taking a picture


Reading water or electricity meters is a tedious and time-consuming task. It is therefore not surprising that mistakes are made in entering or reporting data. The problem is that there is no visual record to check the information. In case of doubt, operators ask for a picture of the meter to validate or correct the reading. However, by automating the reading via a photo, all this process would be optimized: automatic recording of the reading and visual proof.

Lecture relevé compteur
Détection aliments allergènes

Reading and detection of allergenic ingredients


Living with an allergy is not easy. Particular and constant attention must be paid to the composition of the food you eat. However, reading the list of ingredients can be time consuming – especially when it is long, and you’re likely to overlook something. With Neovision OCR technology, you can analyze the composition with a simple picture of the ingredient list. Your allergens are immediately identified and communicated.

Reading serial numbers


As with the Centre Technique du Cuir, the Neovision OCR technology allows to read different types of serial numbers to identify every product automatically, quickly and reliably. This app meets the growing need to trace manufactured products. Regardless of the media or the format of the characters to be detected and read, Neovision OCR technology provides the best possible performance, ensuring highly reliable results.

Lecture numéros de série
Lecture prix linéaire

On-shelf price collection


As any retail manager knows, merchandising research and analysis is time consuming. By combining Neovision’s image recognition and OCR technologies, it is possible to analyze supermarket shelves. With a photo, it is possible to recognize the product(s) you are interested in and to read the corresponding price tag. This gives you two crucial pieces of information: your products’ shelf space and their sales price.


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