Do you have a well-defined AI project and want to make it a reality ?

To bring your AI project to fruition, we offer a tailor-made, turnkey approach. First of all, our AI experts study your project, designing a solution tailored to your needs while respecting your business constraints.


We then help you create your dataset, and start developing the solution in the form of an initial prototype, which will demonstrate the technology’s functionality while validating its usefulness. We carry out iterations to improve functionality. Then we optimize the performance of the AI technology to ensure it is adapted to your specific constraints and production environment.


We help you integrate the solution into your information system, offering you a turnkey AI solution.

Finally, we monitor and maintain the AI solution in operational condition, to ensure its availability, quality and scalability.

Data cleansing et nettoyage


How can I make my data usable ?

Before we can talk AI, we need to be able to talk data !

Any project based on learning methods relies on data. We help you transform your raw data into usable data.

Data is good, but as long as it’s raw, there’s not much you can do…

Rest assured, Neovision’s experts and their tools are at your service to make your dataset usable for AI


Data mining and exploration, data cleansing and structuring, annotation and labeling: there are no gaps in the data thanks to the powerful data tools developed and used by Neovision.


Whether you need training, services or outsourcing, we’ll find the best solution for you !


I know what I want, but how do I do it ?

Solution design is particularly important

You’ve identified a well-defined IA project. You know what it will do for you, but you don’t know how to put it into practice.


At this stage, Neovision studies your project and prepares the data in your possession to validate its feasibility. Once this preliminary stage has been completed, it’s time to design and build the solution.


Neovision looks for the best open-source algorithmic leads and carries out performance evaluations to keep only the most relevant. If no algorithm is available, or if the performance is not up to scratch, Neovision calls on its skills in applied mathematics to create a new algorithm.


Neovision then carries out a few quick tests on small sets of customer data. The objective? To validate the technological choices made, and hence the design of the solution.

Conception Illustration
Conception et test icone


In theory, it should work, but how can you be sure ? 

Prototype the solution and test it on real data !

The structure of the solution is clearly defined, but it remains theoretical. To go from paper to field, the AI solution needs to be developed.


However, it would be unwise to aim for the development of a final solution at this stage, as this work is time-consuming and costly.


It is therefore preferable to develop a prototype, a demonstrator enabling the solution created to be tested and validated. Also known as a POC (Proof of Concept), the prototype can take various forms depending on your needs: static or dynamic, mobile application, web application, API, software…

Neovision delivers usable technology that you can test on real data, demonstrating its usefulness before committing to production.


Iterations : can I improve my POC ?

Now that you’ve tried out the prototype, it’s time to give us your feedback !

The first version of the prototype does not always (if ever) lead directly to the production phase of an industrialized technology.


With the first version of the demonstrator in your possession, you’re going to try it out and test it in a very concrete way. Following these tests, you’ll probably have feedback, additional ideas and areas for improvement.


Neovision will take this feedback into account to iterate on the learning algorithm and develop a V2 prototype that incorporates your feedback. And so on.


In theory, the more iterations there are, the better the prototype will perform, bringing it closer to the industrialized version of the technology tested.

Itération test offre
Illustration Itérations


How can I integrate my business constraints ?

Optimization of technology to meet all your requirements

You’re happy with your prototype. While this is an important step, it doesn’t mark the end of the project. Indeed, before the technology can be put into production, it must be optimized.


What do we mean by “optimize”? A demonstrator works very well on known data and in a controlled environment (more or less different from the production environment). Certain constraints linked to calculations will be integrated during this stage (processing speed, energy consumption, bandwidth consumption, etc.).


In addition, it will probably be necessary to broaden the functional scope of the AI solution (so that it can analyze all the types of data it will be called upon to process).


Once optimized, your AI solution will integrate all your business constraints, while operating in a real, uncontrolled environment !


How do you make the solution fully operational ?

Software engineering: robustification, interfacing, scalability,…

You’ve reached your goal !


Your solution works perfectly in its environment, but it hasn’t really been deployed yet.


To generate ROI, your solution has to be used, and for that to happen, it has to be integrated into your IT system.


With this objective in mind, Neovision and its software engineering experts are developing a turnkey software solution integrating the AI brick. While it can take a variety of forms (API, web application, mobile, software), the solution delivered by Neovision interfaces with your existing IT environment. Our aim: to deliver a fully operational and integrated solution.

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What do we do now ?

Our commitment continues with post-deployment monitoring and maintenance !

Now that your AI solution has been deployed, Neovision remains at your side to ensure its availability, quality and scalability.


Our team is there to ensure the corrective and evolutionary maintenance of your AI solution. With corrections based on your feedback, and evolutions aligned with your business objectives, we help you keep your AI solution operational and at the cutting edge of innovation.


We’re committed to providing you with an AI solution that’s up and running, and aligned with your business objectives, ensuring optimum return on investment.


We look forward to continuing our collaboration and bringing your future projects to life with the same passion and dedication that has marked every step of our journey together.






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