You want to discover and understand AI, then increase your skills?

First, our experts study your project and design a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets your needs while taking into account your constraints.

Then, we test the technology. Once the solution has been designed, we develop it and integrate it into a prototype. This prototype makes it possible to demonstrate the functionality of the technology created but also to validate its use.

Finally, we iterate on the prototype to improve its performance based on your feedback.

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What is AI today? What are the concrete applications in my sector?

A targeted lecture conference as a basis for your artificial intelligence knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is a scientific field that evolves very rapidly, with technological advances following one another at a very high frequency.


If we add to this a real technical dimension and a many preconceived ideas, it becomes difficult to understand what artificial intelligence really is.


What is the best thing to do? Rely on an expert who knows how to popularize his knowledge. A godsend, since this is the mission we have given ourselves: to put AI within everyone’s reach.


An expert educator comes to explain to your employees or students what AI is, concretely and simply. To this, add a good dose of applications targeted to your industry and you will have acquired a very good knowledge base.


Something to shine in society, but not only!


You wish to develop your knowledge and skills on specific AI methods?

You have identified gaps and need help to improve and gain AI related skills.

More and more companies are interested in AI and want to take the plunge. However, there can be a gap between ambition and action!


Neovision helps you bridge that gap. After more than 300 missions, we have a solid experience coupled with a high level of expertise.


During some workshops, Neovision’s team will train you on the technologies of your choice to make you gain skills.


Following these workshops, the methods studied will no longer hold any secrets for your team and you will be sure to avoid classic mistakes.


Why would you break your teeth if you can avoid them? After all, no one likes going to the dentist.

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Are you interested in our tools and technologies and would you like to master them?

Over the last few years, we have developed robust and efficient tools and technologies that we make available to you.

While Neovision is backed by a team of AI experts who are well versed in data science, few companies can say the same.


To our engineers, using our AI tools and technologies seems as simple and natural as breathing.


Although they are very well designed, these tools for data engineers and data scientists have been designed and developed in-house.


This is part of our magic recipe for successfully completing our customers’ AI projects.


In our quest to make AI accessible to all, we want to make these tools and technologies available to you and train you in their use.






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