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Find the information you need from a single image
Visual search, object detection and classification, semantic segmentation… Our image recognition technology opens up a wide range of applications. You can’t imagine what you can do with an image!
We specify our technology on your own data, in order to get the highest performance. Then we quickly integrate the technology into your solution, be it software, web or mobile application.


Reconnaissance bouteille vin

Wine bottle label recognition


Integrated in the Wine Advisor mobile app, our image recognition technology allows to identify a bottle of wine. But how? Nothing could be easier: you just have to take a picture of the bottle label. In less than a second, our technology analyzes the image and finds your bottle among a database of 1 000 000 wines. In addition to identifying the bottle, you also get all the information regarding the appellation or the tasting.


Artwork recognition

Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes

For the 2020 edition of the Grenoble Alpes Street Art Festival, Neovision developed an app which allows for the recognition of different works of art. Focusing on UX, we realised that our image recognition technology was particularly well suited for that purpose. Indeed it is not uncommon to come across a mural, by chance, at the corner of a street. Simply take a picture of the artwork and get all the information there is to know about it: artist, messages, technique, making-off…

reconnaissance oeuvre art
Reconnaissance espece fleur

Flower recognition


What could be more frustrating than seeing our green companions slowly but surely wither away? Did I give it the right fertilizer? The right quantity? Is my plant getting too much sun? Not enough water? All these questions can be answered, more or less accurately, after some research. But with our image recognition technology, it is possible to identify a flower species by taking a picture of it! No more pestering your green thumb friends or browsing hundreds of forums.


Circuit breaker recognition

Schneider Electric

Image recognition is also of interest to professionals, such as Schneider Electric. Neovision developed an app, incorporating our image recognition technology, that allows circuit breakers to be detected and identified in real time on a video stream. Once the circuit breaker is detected in 3D space thanks to image recognition, our OCR technology takes over to read its reference and identify it. A good way to inventory your machinery!

Reconnaissance disjoncteur
reconnaissance dommage pneu avion

Recognition of damages on aircraft tyres


Did you know that aircraft tyres are usually repaired three times in their lifetime? Neovision learned this while working with Michelin on an image recognition system that identifies the type of damage on aircraft tyres. Using their smartphone, the operator takes a picture of the damage and our technology pinpoints it. The operator can then save the photo to keep track of it and improve traceability. But they also have access to the specific procedure tthe need to follow based on the damage.


Automatic microscope slide analysis


Image recognition in the health sector is making spectacular progress. This is especially true in the field of medical imaging. Our image recognition technology has many applications, particularly in the field of diagnostic assistance. Our technology, which is capable of processing all types of images from X-rays to photographs, can assist healthcare professionals and ensure time saving and greater reliability.

Reconnaissance pathologies
reconnaissance déchets plastiques

Plastic wastes sorting

Pellenc ST

Environmental protection is something we have at heart. We were delighted to work on a project to optimize the sorting of plastic waste. Our image recognition technology is able to classify different PET packaging. For example, it can differentiate between food and non-food packaging. So you are less likely to see a bleach bottle recycled as a water bottle. And that’s reassuring!


Pattern recognition to detect counterfeits

Association Première Vision

Fast fashion is a destructive trend for our environment and also for small textile designers. When new creations have been rolled out, it only takes a few weeks for the textile industry to copy them and make counterfeits. Faced with this terrible situation, Neovision used image recognition to analyze the images of some fishy commercial websites. Thanks to these images, and by comparing them to the registered and protected designs of the designers, it is possible to automatically detect and recognize counterfeit products.

Reconnaissance motif lutte contrefaçon


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