You want to know what Artificial Intelligence can bring to your company?

Our consultants exchange with you to understand your company, your activity, your objectives, problems and constraints. Based on this analysis we will come up with AI projects that are relevant to your company.

Accompagnement strategique offre


What can AI do for me today? What about tomorrow?

Strategic follow-up for a long term vision

Artificial Intelligence is a scientific field that evolves very rapidly, with technological advances following one another at a very fast pace.


In light of this, Neovision offers its customers and partners strategic support over time.


Relying on an expert means making sure you have the right insight at the right time. Thanks to constant monitoring, Neovision offers a global and state-of-the-art insight of the various possibilities offered by AI, currently but also in the near future.


What should I do with my data? Can I use it?

Leverage your data to add value and achieve your goals.

In the age of Big Data, many companies are creating and capturing data, creating increasingly large databases.


But capturing and storing data can cost money without generating any value. Unless you use the data.


However, before adding value to the data, it is important to diagnose it because not all data is properly structured or representative.


Neovision analyzes your data and, if it is usable, offers you various projects to enhance its value.
If not, Neovision will help you gather the data you need.

Diagnostic base de données offre
Emergence et ciblage projets offre


Bringing out AI projects relevant to your company

Bringing projects to light is good, pinpointing the most promising ones is better!

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of your structure and available data, Neovision puts its brains to the test to identify the most interesting AI projects for your company.


The various projects are discussed with you, studied in depth and prioritized. For each nascent project, we will question together its ROI but also its feasibility.


Now you know how AI can be applied to your business, in the form of tangible technological projects but also what these solutions can bring you.






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