You have a well-defined AI project and you want to make it happen?

First, our experts study your project and design a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets your needs while taking into account your constraints.

Then, we test the technology. Once the solution has been designed, we develop it and integrate it into a prototype. This prototype makes it possible to demonstrate the functionality of the technology created but also to validate its use.

Finally, we iterate on the prototype to improve its performance based on your feedback.


How can I make my data usable ?

Before talking about AI, you have to be able to talk about data !

Any project based on learning methods is based on data. We help you turn your raw data into actionable data.


Data is good to have, but as long as it’s raw, you can’t do much…
Rest assured, Neovision experts and their tools are at your service to make your dataset actionable for AI.


However, aiming to develop a final solution at this stage would not be wise since this work is long and expensive. However, we have not yet been able to test the solution and demonstrate its functionality.


Data mining and exploration, data cleansing and structuring, or annotation and labeling: no hole in the racket thanks to the powerful data tools developed and used by Neovision.


Training, service provision or outsourcing, we will find the best solution for you !


I know what I want, but how do I do it?

The design of the solution is of particular importance

You have identified a specific and defined AI project. You know what it will bring you but you don’t know how to make it happen.


At this stage, Neovision will study your project and prepare the data you have in your possession to validate the feasibility of the project. Once this preliminary step is complete, the solution must be designed and built.


Neovision looks for the best open source algorithmic leads and performs performance evaluations to keep only the most relevant projects. If no algorithm is available, or if performance is not as expected, Neovision uses its applied mathematical skills to create a new algorithm.

Conception Illustration
Conception et test icone


In theory, it should work, but how do we make sure it actually works?

Prototyping the solution makes it possible to test it on real data!

The structure of the solution is clearly defined, but it is still theoretical


In order to go from theory to practice, an AI solution must be developed.


However, aiming to develop a final solution at this stage would not be wise since this work is long and expensive. However, we have not yet been able to test the solution and demonstrate its functionality.


It is therefore preferable to develop a prototype, a demonstrator to test and validate the created solution. Also called POC (Proof of Concept), the prototype can take various forms depending on your needs: static or dynamic, mobile application, Web application, API, software…


Neovision delivers usable technology that you can test on real data. This way you can see how it actually works before going into production.


Iterations: can I improve my POC?

Now that you have tried the prototype, it’s time to give us your feedback!

The first version of the prototype does not always (if not never) lead directly to the production phase of an industrialized technology.


With the first version of the demonstrator is ready, you will try it out and test it in a very concrete way. Following these tests, you will probably get feedback, have additional ideas and want to improve some aspects of the demonstrator.


Neovision will take all that into account to iterate, especially on the learning of the algorithm, to develop a second version of the prototype that integrates your feedback. And so on and so forth.


In theory, the more iterations there are, the more powerful the prototype becomes, thus getting closer to the industrialized version of the tested technology.

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