Since 2015, the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes has been an impressive success. Every year, the event welcomes artists from all over the world and delivers to Street Art aficionados monumental and magnificient murals. For the 2019 edition, the festival expanded its scope by presenting the Digital Street Art Fest, an exhibition of interactive digital works. A digital dimension that the festival wanted to develop.




Neovision and the Street Art Fest partnered in order to digitize the festival. This partnership led to the design and development of a mobile app exclusive to the festival, allowing to map the different artworks, to compile all the information captured for each of them, to target its discovery but also to recognize the works of the festival by taking pictures of them.


With this exclusive app, the Street Art Fest gives a real digital dimension to the festival while improving the experience of street-art lovers. The application allows them to locate the artworks and identify them, either through a quick search or a visual search. The works are no longer just aesthetic, they can also convey their messages and secrets.


With several Street Art fans and other aesthetes in its team, notably Etienne Balit and Mathieu Poissard, Neovision contacted the Street Art Fest team. The goal was to explore a possible collaboration in the framework of the Digital Street Art Fest.

It must be said that Neovision’s ambition, which is to make AI available to everyone, resonates with Street Art. A discipline that also makes art accessible to all, without any discrimination.

Following promising initial contacts, Neovision met with the Street Art Fest organizing team and more specifically with its founder, Jérôme Catz, to discuss his objectives and ambitions for the festival.

As fate would have it, Jérôme and his team were already thinking about several digital projects before meeting Neovision. Timing was perfect.

Very quickly, the alchemy worked and the two companies laid the foundations of a collaboration based on the development of a mobile app integrating all the information about the festival’s artworks and artists.

The objective of the application is simple: to compile all the information available on the metropolitan artworks (more than 200) to make them available to all the festival visitors.

All the data about the festival was structured by the Street Art Fest and compiled in a back office specially developed by Neovision: from the location of the works to information about the artist, the messages conveyed by the artworks, various interviews, time lapse or pictures of the making-off.

The purpose of the application was clear so its use had to be very easy. With this in mind, 3 functionalities were used to structure the application: a complete map of the city’s artworks to locate them and navigate easily, selections and itineraries to refine and target your discovery and, finally, the visual search that recognizes the works of art you see.

As you may have understood, if Neovision has developed the application in its entirety, the added value provided by the Grenoble-based company lies mainly in its image recognition technology that allows to launch a visual search.

Thanks to this technology developed by Neovision, the user can identify each work by taking a picture of it. No need to know the title, the artist or the location to get exclusive information about a work. Once recognized, the application will deliver all its secrets.

However, Neovision also brought its expertise in mobile development. At first, it was necessary to develop two versions of the mobile app, one running on iOS and the other on Android. However, given the timing, Neovision chose to develop a progressive web app. This had several advantages: the application runs on all types of devices (smartphones, tablets and PCs) and all types of operating systems, while avoiding the approval of Play Store and App Store platforms.

After the launch of the first DIGITAL Street Art Fest in 2019, this app comes to give a new digital dimension to the festival. In the same way, the application demonstrates that technology has a real role to play in access to knowledge, culture and information. This statement applies perfectly to art, especially for its accessibility.

The Street Art Fest application offers great autonomy to users and adapts to their habits. Individually or in small groups, the application allows to live a personalized experience and to (re)discover the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes.




Jérome Catz - Founder of the Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes

« Meeting, discovering and working with Neovision has been an opportunity for the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes. From this meeting was born a simple digital tool, developed quite quickly, and with a more than satisfactory result, not to mention the mind-blowing effect of image recognition. It seems to me that the Street Art Fest, Neovision and the digital ecosystem of Grenoble are at the same time the makers of this webapp. Thank you to the Neovision team and the festival team for their commitment and perfectionism which is now doing a huge service to art in the public space.»

Jérome Catz – Founder of the Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes


20 April 2021


Application Mobile, Cloud, Computer Vision, Culture

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