You have a functional prototype and you want to put it into production?

You have already developed a prototype integrating an AI brick. You have tested and validated the usefulness of this technology and you now wish to start producing it.


Neovision is the service provider you need! Having led many AI projects up to their production launch, Neovision offers you its expertise and extensive experience.

First, Neovision will conduct an audit of the technology that was developed. The goal is to ensure that the technology is efficient enough to be industrialized and scaled up.


Following this audit, Neovision will optimize the performance of the AI technology so that it is perfectly adapted to your capabilities in terms of computing speed, available computing power, level of precision, etc. as well as your real production environment.


Finally, and because Neovision’s objective is to develop useful, customized, turnkey solutions, our software division does everything possible to develop a solution that interfaces with your IT system and all the solutions in place in your company. Your solution is ready to generate a return on investment!


What is the quality of my prototype?

Before moving forward, Neovision needs to audit what was done previously.

You have started an AI project and you already have a technological base.


Whether it is algorithms or a prototype, Neovision can help you bring your project to fruition.


However, before you can move forward, Neovision needs to audit what has been done. Some elements will be kept, others may need to be changed.


Following this audit, Neovision experts will be able to easily plan ahead and tell you what can be done based on what already exists. Neovision will give you a complete picture of what remains to be done to bring your project to completion.


How can I integrate my business constraints?

Optimization of the technology to align it with all your constraints

Your prototype gives you satisfaction. If this step is important, it does not mark the end of the project. Before the technology can be put into production, it needs to be optimized.


What do we mean by “optimize”? A demonstrator works very well on known data and in a controlled environment (more or less different from the production environment). Some constraints related to the calculations will be integrated during this stage (processing speed, energy consumption, bandwidth consumption, etc.).


In addition, it will probably be necessary to extend the functional scope of the AI solution (so that it can analyze all the types of data it will be required to process).


Following the optimizations, your AI solution integrates all your business constraints while operating in a real and uncontrolled environment!

Illustration Itérations
Mise en production icone


How to make the solution fully operational?

Software engineering works: robustification, interfacing, scalability…

You’re on target!


Your solution works perfectly in its environment but it is not yet really deployed.


To generate a ROI, your solution must be used and to do so, it must be deployed into your IT system.


With this goal in mind, Neovision and its software engineering experts will develop a turnkey software solution deploying the AI brick. While it can take various forms (API, web application, mobile, software), the solution delivered by Neovision interfaces with your existing IT environment. Our goal: to deliver a perfectly operational and deployed solution.






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